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This particular AU is from a verse over in [livejournal.com profile] dgmdressroom tagged as "choiceverse". The actual verse has a community of its own, [livejournal.com profile] choiceverse, but for the sake of making things easy for everyone involved, and because I'm taking her from shortly after her fight with Daisya instead of her current "canon" point, her (extremely lengthy) info is here!

Name: Miranda Lotto
Age: 26 (born 01/01/1984 in Stuttgart, Germany)
Alliance: Noah

History: Once upon a time, Allen Walker sacrificed his life to seal the Earl away and give everyone in the war the chance to be reborn. But this wasn't just regular reincarnation. It also gave the people involved the chance to chose which side they would join. Unfortunately, not everyone who chose had full knowledge of their past life when they did so.

This was Miranda's case. Before becoming a Noah, she didn't even know there was such a thing as Exorcists, and knew (knows) nothing of her past life. One day, Road (in human guise) approached her with the promise to grant her what she wanted most. Thinking it simply a game, but answering truthfully, she answered what she wanted most was "her own way"- that is to say, choice. (To those not entirely familiar with D.Gray-man, the power of Noah's Pleasure is "choice".)

Thus, a few days later she woke up bleeding from her forehead, and a few weeks after that became Noah's Pleasure. After undergoing the traumatic awakening process, the last thing on Miranda's mind was the fact that her wish had been granted literally. The fact that she now had a loving, accepting family to welcome her didn't hurt matters either. To prevent any "traitorous" impulses from arising within her, the unawakened memories of her previous life were carefully sealed via magic, not that she knows this.

Personality: Miranda's gotten somewhat better with her confidence, but is generally still canon in terms of her personality. Only when fighting or around Exorcists does her bloodthirsty nature show through. Once engaged in battle she delights in causing her foes pain almost as much as Road; she taunts, she teases, she twists and she tortures before delivering the final blow. However, she will not prolong a fight just to cause more pain if there's a chance she might lose. Miranda may be prone to starting fights occasionally, but she's cautious once they're started.

Despite her sadism, she makes sure to set aside time to act as a "normal" human. She likes to think that unlike Pleasure's previous host she doesn't cling to this human side of her as a necessity, merely a fun diversion- that she'd chose the family over it in a heartbeat. This of course is a patented lie but SHE WANTS TO BE A GOOD LITTLE NOAH and be better than Tyki was. The lines between her lives are not concrete by any means, and are prone to changing even within the context of a conversation at times. In terms of being the Noah of "Pleasure," she is... learning to be more hedonistic :'D She may flirt with people at times but mostly she takes pleasure in simpler things like a good meal, reading, and stuff like that.

Powers: Miranda's fighting style relies heavily on her powers as a Noah more than her inherent physical strengths, although she has been surgically altered to be faster and stronger. She's also had additional surgical alterations to her inner ear so she is (mostly) no longer clumsy! Miranda can control her phasing completely (she couldn't at first |D) and has a large number of monstrous Tease at her disposal in addition to the regular ones. Miranda can also do the standard "dark matter" attack with her hands. She knows how to "reject" the air in an area/create a void with some reliablity. Although not exactly a "power" per se, Miranda can speak and write fluent English, and German in both Swäbisch (Swabian) and Hochdeutsch ("high German") dialects.

Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: Most of the time Miranda's thoughts are pretty much what you'd expect of her, varying by situation. It's fairly easy to tell she's a Noah because of how she thinks of other Noah as family, and although her Noah is active enough to actually be a noticeable presence/"voice" in her head, it's decently quiet unless around Innocence. THE BIGGEST THING YOU NEED TO KNOW is about the seal on her memories that the Earl put there. It's like one huge ball of magic so psychics probably won't be able to tell, and odds are even if you can or are magically sensitive, you won't be able to tell what it's for. Most of her dreams are pretty mundane, although occasionally she will dream memories of her past life.

On Innocence:
She feels strange and oddly guilty about destroying it. Its refined form still wounds her of course, and she still destroys it when given the chance, but there's a nagging connection to it in the back of her mind. Because she is biologically/spiritually (more or less) the same person she was in her past life, she is still technically compatible with her old Innocence, were she ever to be exorcised and come into contact with it.

Why she fights/Justifying this whole "Noah" thing: Love for her family (Road especially), indebtedness to the Earl for fixing her ears, and a surprisingly deep-seated hate for humanity in general. After having been beaten around so much by family, "friends" and people in general, it didn't take much more than Noah blood lust for her to slip from "timid and bitter" to "raging and jaded." Plus, it's fun.

Other notes:
-Refuses to acknowledge that she was reincarnated
->Sound-based Innocence/holy attacks will harm/discombobulate her more readily than they would someone else. If they're bad enough the dark matter in her ears will fracture or even break and revert her to her pre-Noah level of clumsiness or worse.
-Cell Rolon is in the cover page of a small journal she carries with her at almost all times. The advantage to this is that she can close the book to shut it up.
-She's less experienced when it comes to drinking. Being a Noah lets her drink more than the average woman her size, but she didn't rely on alcohol as a means of escape from her uselessness as in canon.

tl;dr MIRANDA DIED AND REINCARNATED ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE, BUT GOT TRICKED INTO TAKING TYKI'S PLACE. SHE'S STILL A FAILBOAT DESPITE AWESOME NOAH POWERS. She will think Camp is crazy and ridiculous and troll all the Exorcists (and anyone she happens to dislike) because OBVIOUSLY IT'S THEIR FAULT!!

As a final, important note, her stats/permissions have changed somewhat for the length of the event. Namely, if the urge strikes you to have your character kill her... Go ahead! She can be kind of a bitch, and can handle herself in a fight fairly well beyond that :|b
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