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Miranda is at a weird place. She's... content(ish) with Camp. She's used to it; it doesn't freak her out anymore, more than anything normally freaks her out! But she's still stagnating. Relationship wise she's happy- she has friends, and a boyfriend, and is great on that front! But she still feels very "bluh". She likes having a purpose, and there really isn't one that she can see here in Camp.

I've been playing Miranda for nearly two years. Obviously, only some of that time has been here in Camp! But the point is she's pretty much wired into my brain. I KNOW I CAN PLAY HER. Not perfectly of course, but generally I am confident about my abilities with her! So I surprised myself with how insecure I've been feeling about her the past few weeks/months/what-have-you at Camp. Part of this is from October when I had her killed, and I felt like a dick for ICly doing something that could cause IC drama. BUT THAT'S FUCKING STUPID, conflict is what makes things interesting. It also really messed with her psyche, though, which was something I didn't expect because I've never played through a canon Miranda's death! (Shocker, I know.) So that combined with my own busyness OOC really made it hard for me to feel "okay" with things, and be active with her! Really the whole debacle was just kind of a clusterfuck of "bad idea" and I felt dumb about it. But now that's done with! It's been a while and she's learned to cope! Plus I have more drive and willingness to play now! Reasons for that are below.

SO BASICALLY, I've also realized that another reason I'm having difficulty is because her character is changing. While I'm okay with growth at smaller, "unofficial" places like the DGM Dressing Room, I'm much less secure about having a character move from canon at a huge place like CFUD where EVERYONE WATCHES. Basically, I've just put a lot more pressure on myself to "remain canon" here. Which can be good! But it's gotten to the point where it's too much pressure. I just need to say "screw it, if I can play a Miranda at the DR that stabs people to death for fun while remaining IC, I can have the one at CFUD learn to actually hold a decent conversation without stammering herself into a corner." So... That's what I'm going to do! If people don't like how I play, they can (AND SHOULD) tell me! And if it's a good reason, I'll pay attention! If it's not, I'll ignore it! It's not rocket science.

In summation: I've decided I am going to have her grow. I am going to involve her in plot and get her out there and active! I am going to have her learn to kick ass in her own, defensive, derpy way! And it's going to be AWESOME.

-Boost her confidence!
-Have her learn String Theory and other space/time theories and math things so she can get better at using her Innocence.
-Throw her at trolls (meaning the character type, although I don't mind the HS crew) and other, non lethal baddies more.
-Have adorable, clumsy kisses with Mullin. Maybe get her rule'd one day :'D
-Have her learn to fight back, possibly with the Camp-issued pistol. Or just get much better with her Innocence, like I said.
-Make a list of various skills she'd have picked up with her 100+ jobs
-More CR with castmates. SHIT IS GOING DOWN and I want to play more with you guys!

Desire to play
Much better than it was! |D Now I just need to make sure I make the time.

Likelihood of dropping
You will need to pry her out of my cold, dead hands :|


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