Jun. 10th, 2011 07:19 pm
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[Miranda is standing near the edge of Camp, wearing her uniform with a small bag in tow. She looks particularly despondent today.]
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[Valentine's day is a lot of work. After rushing to finish her attempts at cooking, Miranda had run back to her room to change, and then run back to the mess hall to wait. She knew she wasn't very good at cooking, and was having second thoughts about the sensibility of her dress. Despite this it was too late for anything else, so this would have to do.]
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This particular AU is from a verse over in [livejournal.com profile] dgmdressroom tagged as "choiceverse". The actual verse has a community of its own, [livejournal.com profile] choiceverse, but for the sake of making things easy for everyone involved, and because I'm taking her from shortly after her fight with Daisya instead of her current "canon" point, her (extremely lengthy) info is here!

And it all started as a writing exercise... )

tl;dr MIRANDA DIED AND REINCARNATED ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE, BUT GOT TRICKED INTO TAKING TYKI'S PLACE. SHE'S STILL A FAILBOAT DESPITE AWESOME NOAH POWERS. She will think Camp is crazy and ridiculous and troll all the Exorcists (and anyone she happens to dislike) because OBVIOUSLY IT'S THEIR FAULT!!

As a final, important note, her stats/permissions have changed somewhat for the length of the event. Namely, if the urge strikes you to have your character kill her... Go ahead! She can be kind of a bitch, and can handle herself in a fight fairly well beyond that :|b
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[Somewhere in Camp, there's a barn. And coming from the loft of said barn is the sound of crying...]

I'm never going to be useful agaiiiiiiiiin!

[...among other lamentations.]

((Vampirism fallout post, get! Open to whoever.))
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In a not-so-surprising twist, Miranda is OUT of CFUW. So you know that means! CARRY-OVER AND RAMBLING TIME, YAY.

Carry over: IIIIIIIIDK if there is any? Beyond the obvious "OH HAI I KNOW UR NAME NOW."

Rambling: I HAD A LOT OF FUN. I totally derped out yesterday night because I expected the concert to be done three hours earlier, but what can you do. It was fucking Modest Mouse. NO REGRETS. THAT SAID, I don't think I will be playing again for a while. As she is now Miranda is definitely not suited to a game where you have to make Big Decisions and act un-suspicious |D So I will wait until she's gotten a semblance of her old Exorcist self's pseudo-confidence back before playing there again. Hopefully this won't take too long!

OH YEAH ONE MORE THING. I'll be on ~hiatus~ from this Friday night to Sunday night, going up to the family's cabin for the weekend \o/ I will pick up any tags I drop during this time once I get back!
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[From here! Sometime after the mess hall has cleared.]

Ah, so... H-how spicy do you generally like your food?
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THIS IS BASICALLY A CANON DUMP/INTERPERTATION. Because playing Miranda in Camp has brought up a lot of issues that causal play over at [livejournal.com profile] dgmdressroom hasn’t, even though I play her and like five other Mirandas sob over there, too, and the premises for both are fairly similar.

Regarding confidence, Noah, intelligence, sexuality and courtship. )


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